The mining and mineral processing industries perform infrequent lab analysis because the mineral testing process is very time consuming. Progression can provide these industries with more rapid and superior process controls and reaction times utilizing its NMR analysis and LIBS technology.

Progression’s MagnePulse AT™ utilizes a combination of industrialized NMR spectroscopy and LIBS technology for mineral analysis. With these two technologies joined together, the MagnePulse AT can reliably analyze multiple elements in industrial process streams. Real-time, non-destructive analysis of solids, liquids, and slurries provide valuable feedback to plant control operators.

NMR analysis is particularly adept at phosphorus, fluorine, and hydrogen based measurements. The MagModule II™ has been successfully deployed for NMR spectroscopy for phosphorus and fluorine measurements in harsh environmental conditions.

Progressions iPulse®, utilizing Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy analysis, is a process analyzer providing real-time analysis of minerals, ores and slurries. iPulse utilizes no nuclear source because detection limits for many elements are less than 100ppm.

Applications include:

Phosphate mining and processing

Zinc and lead mining

Steel mining and processing

Copper production

Precious metals

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